At SCG we have a range of packages suited to your business setup and location from an ADSL exchange. If you are within the right distance for the speeds you require, we can discuss installation and low monthly costs.

Installation and monthly costs

Should ADSL be the best option for your business, we will create a bespoke quote for your package and are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions.

ADSL is paid for monthly after initial setup costs. Further details will be included in our quote, which is free of charge for us to provide.

It is likely that your monthly costs will be decreased the further you are from the exchange and the lower your maximum speed.


If you have ADSL and want to upgrade to ADSL2, this is something we can arrange with minimal disruption as it uses the same wiring and PBX as the standard ADSL, but applies different software and protocols to achieve faster speeds.

To upgrade to ADSL2, it may only require a new router. If you are looking to upgrade because you want to make the most of cloud technology which requires much faster speeds, then we can organise your upgrade to an FTTC or FTTP internet connection.

Enquire today

Call the friendly team of experts at SCG today for tailored advice on your telecoms and to organise an initial requirements meeting.

Call us or contact us today. Our process involves:

  • An initial meeting
  • Free telecoms survey and audit
  • Report and proposal
  • Phone system demonstration
  • Site visit
  • Installation
  • User training
  • On-going support

Learn more about this process here.

We can also offer a trial period of the best system for your requirements so you can see the system and what it can achieve first-hand before making your decision.