The speeds achieved with an ADSL broadband connection are suitable for admin, daily office tasks, straightforward communication and off-peak internet browsing.

As the speed of an ADSL connection is dependant on it’s distance from the exchange, speeds vary and are stronger the closer your office is to the exchange. This is known as an asymmetric data flow. As ADSL connections are also non-exclusive or ‘contended’, meaning usage is shared, it increases the importance of a short distance from the exchange to attain the best speeds.

Expected speeds

If your office or business, and therefore the location of your router, is in the immediate vicinity of the exchange than the estimate speeds will be up to 24Mbps for ADSL2. This constitutes a high speed connection.

This speed decreases the farther away you get within the range of the signal; on the very outer edges of the signal speed may drop to as low as 1Mbps.

Before installation, an engineer will be able to provide you with a more specific estimated speed by completing a manual check.


We would recommend that your premises be within 5km of the exchange before installing an ADSL connection, however the connection can work within 5.5km. After around 2.75km distance is when the signal strength starts to significantly drop.

The distance from the exchange is otherwise known as the line length.