SIP trunks allow businesses and employees to communicate via internet enabled devices, such as a computer or smartphone, and enjoy the benefits of VoIP:

  • Complete ownership and control
  • Save on costs in the long-term
  • Access to advanced features

Telephone systems using VoIP and SIP trunks are advantageous as they provide the ability for software updates and improved features to be rapidly deployed by your provider, without the need to access your premises.  A business will no longer have to request upgrades and wait for an engineer to visit.

Advanced features

Once you are connected via SIP Trunking, a range of productive features can be accessed using  VoIP phone systems. These include user statuses, call logging, call queuing, call forwarding, conference calls, auto time updates, mobile apps, voicemail to email, calling name retrieval, call recording, priority alerts, auto attendant and more.

For larger, multi-site businesses, the flexibility to access and control these applications across the internet is essential and different users, sometimes with different on-premise equipment, can tailor requirements to specific needs.

In the long term, using a SIP trunking on premise telephone system can save money when compared to a hosted telephony solution, however, the upfront costs can be considerably higher.