FTTC broadband is a popular choice for UK businesses as it’s a cost effective way to easily access a superfast and reliable connection. It allows you to benefit from fibre optics, whilst utilising existing copper lines for fast and convenient installation.

The main benefits of FTTC broadband include:


  • Affordable setup costs
  • A low monthly rental fee
  • Low/no maintenance costs
  • No additional costs based on usage

A huge benefit of FTTC is that the connection is installed using existing copper lines, reducing the costs passed on to you, the user. With rental fees agreed at fixed rates in advance, you can budget accordingly.


  • Available to roughly 95% of the UK
  • Easy to check performance based on your location – use our Connection Checker

Fibre broadband in the form of FTTC is widespread in the UK, more so than the alternative FTTP. This means that you’re almost guaranteed to have access to the technology for your business. As it’s easy for your internet provider to check availability, you can quickly know if it is an option for you.


  • High-quality, reliable broadband connection
  • Fibre optic service for faster upload and download speeds

Upgrading from a standard ADSL broadband to FTTC brings about a significant improvement; you benefit from faster speeds for both uploads and downloads, and don’t need to sign up to a Service with SLAs you don’t need.

Faster speeds, resilient service and the bandwidth to backup your data off site, improves productivity and gives you and your staff peace of mind.


  • Ideal replacement for ADSL broadband
  • Unlimited users, although speeds may slow down
  • BT has invested heavily in this broadband technology

FTTC is available to roughly 95% of the UK and is a technology that will be readily available in both the short and the long term. Once you have migrated, your business can grow and add users.