IP Registrations

Across the Southern Communications Group there are several brand elements which are protected by UK trademarking. If you require further details regarding the use of any of these assets please contact our marketing team/s.

Cloud Logo Device

Visible across all aspects of the business the cloud logo mark has become part of our identity as a natural evolution from our focus and service offering centred around The Cloud. It is our commitment that you can be completely assured of the level of service you will receive wherever you see our Cloud outline attached to a Group company.

Registration No: UK00003672725

SC Group Logo Device

Registration No: UK00003757642

SCG – Be More Connected®

Registration No: UK00003775620

SCG – Be More Together®

Registration No: UK00003775617

Evonex – Evolution In Voice

Registration No: UK00003775613

Bandwidth For Change®

Registration No: UK00003706145